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Medivet products

Our Commitment to Veterinarians & Nurses

Since developing the first Medipaw in 2003 with our own veterinarian and nurse, we have engaged with clinicians to create products that fill a range of wound care needs in their practices.
With clinician feedback we were able to create a more rugged boot to withstand longer term wear and tear, as well as one lined with bamboo and silver to help healing with no bandages. With their input we addressed their pain points on available pet shirts and developed a unique two-piece design.
white goldon doodle sitting outside kennel wearing pink protective boot

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Dog wearing healing slim boot
Medivet products

Our philosophy

By creating Medipaw because of our own dog’s recovery issues, we solved a persistent clinical problem for countless other patients. So we think it’s pretty important for veterinarians and nurses to offer the Medipaw option so they have the best chance for success.
Dog on walk wearing a rugged x-boot

Vet Recommended

Vets, nurses, and their clients want the best results for pet patients. By dispensing Medipaw, they are providing the best possible chance for successful healing outcomes.
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Ease of Healing

Having specifically designed gear to protect all kinds of wounds makes it easier for pet owners to comply with home care instructions and for clinicians to treat patients in hospital.

Calm, Confidence, and Comfort

When outfitted properly, caregivers calmly manage the healing stage, with a sense of confidence which translates into lasting comfort for patients while they recuperate.

Medipaw’s purpose is to ensure every veterinary patient has the best chance to heal as fully and as easily as possible. Medipaw offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our growing network of distributors worldwide providers clinicians ongoing product support. Please check pricing and availability from your distributor.

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